I contacted Barb one day after the passing of my sweet kitty, Roxy.   She was recommended by a friend and I knew I wanted to use her based on pictures I saw on her website.  From the very beginning Barb was personable and easy to communicate with.   I commissioned her to do a portrait of my 2 kitties, Roxy and Stormy. I always wanted a portrait of them together because they were inseparable.  Because Roxy is black, I knew it would be difficult to capture her features.  I sent her several pictures to assist with the project.  Barb was exceptional at capturing both Roxy and Stormy beautifully.   She was determined to capture my pets, not just their appearance, but she managed to capture their demeanor as well.  Upon receipt of the drawing, I wept.  Tears of sadness, but tears of joy as well.  I feel that a void has been filled.”